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March 15, 2018

Tonsillectomy Has Higher Risk of Complications if Younger Than 3 Years

Tonsillectomy is commonly performed in children for really 2 main conditions... chronic tonsillitis (whether from strep of other) or obstructive sleep apnea. This surgery is overall considered safe and effective. However, experienced clinicians have also known that complications occur more frequently in children under 3 years of age. As such, for a very young child, this surgery is often recommended to be delayed if at all possible until a child is over 3 years old.

But is this concern actually…

March 02, 2018

New Video on EarPopper or Eustachi Therapy to Treat Clogged Ears

A new video has been published demonstrating how the EarPopper or Eustachi can be used to help young children (and even some adults) pop their ears to resolve ears with fluid, clogging, or pressure. Although (most) adults can easily pop the ears with a swallow, yawn, or blowing against a pinched nose, it is not unusual for most young children to not know how to do this. Some may not even know how to blow the nose.

As such, these devices allow a parent to help a child pop the ears and parents c…

February 28, 2018

Video of Surgery to Stop Brain Fluid from Leaking Out the Nose

A new video has been uploaded demonstrating the surgical technique of stopping brain fluid (aka, CSF leak) from coming out the nose. Normally, there should be no hole that communicates between the brain and the nose. However, in some patients, this hole may be present secondary to sinus surgery, head trauma, or simply bad luck.

In essence, the steps to plug up this abnormal hole are as follows:

1) Fluorescein injected into the spinal fluid before surgery. Fluorescein makes the brain fluid brig…

February 13, 2018

Bike Helmets Can Potentially Fracture the Voicebox

Bike and motorcycle helmets are known to help protect against head injury. However, it may come at the cost of injuring the voicebox due to the clasp used to secure the helmet during a crash.

In a research paper published in Jan 2018, 3 documented laryngeal fractures in a single medical institution were described. It is unknown whether additional laryngeal fractures have occurred due to helmet use that was never reported or identified.

Theoretically, such voicebox injuries from helmet use can …

February 09, 2018

Why are Asthma Inhalers So Expensive?

The corollary to the expensive question and more relevant to patients being which ones are the cheapest?

Given I'm an ENT, asthma medications are a class of medications I have not immersed myself in with respect to the minutiae of cost and optimal prescriptions... until now (at least to some degree). And given I personally did know this information until I took the time to investigate, I figure patients would be even more in the dark.
Here are some things I've discovered.
There are onl…

February 08, 2018

Tonsil Crypts Can Hide HPV in Healthy Adults

Fascinating research was published in Jan 2018 describing how the HPV virus can remain hidden from a normal human immune response within the tonsil itself. How can the HPV virus manage this neat act of espionage? By hiding in the biofilm within tonsil crypts.

One can consider biofilm to be a thin layer of "sludge" that may coat the tonsil lining.

This finding may also explain why HPV oral infection appears to be so prevalent in so many adults and why HPV has now become one of the most…

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